Coffee plays a key part in many people’s morning routines. Life is far too short to waste it on a rubbish cup. The average coffee drinker has over three cups of coffee a day, so the kind of coffee you drink can have a huge effect on your mood. There are many different coffee brands and plenty of coffee options out there for you to try, but we have compiled a list of the cheapest ones out there that still taste delicious and will give your morning a positive boost. Making your own coffee from the comfort of your home will not only save you a lot of money, but will give you complete control over how you make it! If you are looking for ways to satisfy your caffeine kick, but don’t want to break the bank, then this is the review for you.



The 6 Cheapest Coffee Brands of 2020

1- Great Value 100% Arabica Colombian Medium Dark Roast

Description: This 100% Arabica Columbian Medium Dark roast can be purchased as either pods for your coffee machine at home. At $6.57 for a 200 pod count, you can enjoy great valued coffee that will last you a long time! All you need to do is measure 1 heaped teaspoon of the ground coffee for each 6 fl oz of cold, filtered water. You then adjust to your desired strength and soon you will have a bright and fruity coffee to kick start your morning. This particular product is made from 100% Arabica coffee beans from the Columbian mountainsides so can give you a coffee which is full of flavour in little time.

This can also be purchased from Dunkin Donuts, one of the country’s most popular coffee shops.

Taste Profile: With its medium dark roast, it is the perfect blend for anyone who wants a bit of a kick in the morning but with no sharp aftertaste. It has a bright and fruity tasting profile, and is perhaps suited for those who prefer a slightly weaker coffee than others.

Available at: Walmart



2- Eight O’clock Original Medium Roast

Description: Eight O’clock have been producing great coffee for over one hundred and fifty years. This is Eight O’clock oldest recipe and has been carefully cultivated to produce the best balance of flavour. It can be purchased as either roast or ground, so it is suitable for anybody’s coffee needs, and is also inexpensive at just $29.99 for a 42 ounce bag of whole bean. This particular manufacturer of coffee has so many varieties for you to try, you will never be short of treating your taste buds with new coffee sensations! If you are looking for a starting point with the Eight O’clock range, then the Original Medium Roast is the best place for you.

Taste Profile: This is a medium roast Columbian blend with a smooth, dark chocolate flavour and no bitter aftertaste. This particular roast is a 100% Arabica gives the drinker a rich flavor and sweet aroma and is the perfect drink to kickstart your mornings at a great value

Available at: Target, Amazon as well as other popular retailers.



3- Seattle’s Best Coffee House Blend Medium Roast

Description: At $3.99 for a 12 ounce bag, this signature house blend is full of flavour and all for a great price. There is a reason why this is many people’s consistently favourite brand of coffee – those who turn to Seattle’s Best Coffee often can’t turn away. Seattle’s Best Coffee has always been a firm favourite amongst many coffee drinkers, but the House Blend’s smooth roast gives your morning coffee that bit of edge.

Taste Profile: This is the perfect roast for someone who enjoy a medium and smooth blend over something darker and richer, with an ever so slight nutty note. It is the perfect balance of flavor and has been smooth roasted to perfection.

Available at: Amazon, Walmart and Target



4- Chock Full o’ Nuts New York Roast

Description: This 100% arabica, nutty roast styles itself as the classic New York coffee. This is a very highly rated brand of coffee and can be found on Amazon for around $17.97 per 10.5 ounce can, which is approaching the same price as bagged brands. This roast can be purchased mild, medium roast or dark so you can choose how intense you prefer your coffee. The only downside to this coffee is the difficulty some have trying to find it in shops, and so you may have to resort to purchasing this online!

Taste Profile: This has a dark and bold tasting profile with different levels of intensity depending on how you prefer it. This particular roast has tones of nutty flavors and so be prepared for a sharp aftertaste if that’s not quite your style.

Available at: Amazon



5- Lavazza Super Crema

Description: This is a mild and creamy roast with hints of hazelnut and brown sugar with several different buying options depending on how much of it you would like. It is 60% arabica and 40% natural robusta, which provides the full-bodied, tasty foam head, better known as the ‘crema’. Lavazza is a well trusted coffee-making brand, with great value without the high-end price.

Taste Profile: This is a rich crema with an aromatic taste profile in harmony with notes of hazelnut and brown sugar. The arabica beans give this particular crema a sweet taste with tones of berries and sweet fruit, and thus is well balanced with the nutty tones.

Available at: Walmart, Amazon



6 – Folgers

Description: Folgers is one of the most popular brands in the US when it comes to fresh ground coffee. This particular purchase comes with the airtight, AromaSeal to ensure your coffee stays fresh for as long as possible. Folgers have many roasts for you to try, but we recommend the Classic Roast blend, available in light, medium roast, medium-dark and dark so there will be no trouble finding the perfect blend for you. This blend is made from Mountain Grown, the most richest and aromatic. It is $6.99 per 30.2 oz can if purchased from Target.

Tasting Profile: The Classic Roast is rich and bold, just what you want to kick start your day in the right way with the perfect morning cup. Its pure aromatic beans have been roasted to perfection to give you a pure and smooth blend.

Available at: Target, Walgreens, Amazon



Buyers’ Guide: Top Three Tips for Finding the Best Coffees on a Budget

1- How do you take it?

How you take your coffee is all a matter of personal preference. Some will go for the smoother, dark tasting blends whereas some prefer a sharp kick to take off their morning. A lot of the brands offer light, medium roast, or dark so it is up to you to pick your preference. Some take their coffee black, some with milk – it is all a matter of preference! So, if you are the kind of person who likes their coffee black, then you might want to consider the beans that are highly regarded for their taste – otherwise you might get stuck with something sharp, bitter, or simply not to your liking. However, if you take yours with milk and sugar you should probably concentrate more on the prices which are on offer.


2- Weight

If you are trying to find a way to keep coffee into your shopping without breaking the bank, you might want to consider the weight of the bag or can you are buying. If you are smart about what coffee brand you go for, a 10 to 12 ounce bag should last you around two weeks. There may be issues of storage within your household which limits how much coffee you can purchase in one go, as well as preserving its freshness. If you prefer canned over bagged, it is usually cheaper even if the weight is similar, and the beans within them are less prone to damage.


3- Beans vs Instant

There is a great deal of difference between what form you purchase your coffee in. If you’re a busy person and perhaps don’t have the right equipment at home, then instant coffee might be the right one for you. It is usually cheaper and a lot quicker to make with less fuss.

However, if you consider yourself a real coffee connoisseur then getting your caffeine fix in beans might be the way to go. Some argue that the process which makes the instant coffee sometimes loses some compounds (such as aroma) – and thus loses some of its quality. Don’t be turned off from giving some of the instant brands of coffee listed above a go! There are many brands out there that do not compromise on quality for price.

There are a wide range of coffee-making machines out there for you to try if you wish to turn more towards ground beans. Some are cheap and simple to use and ideal for first-time machine-users, such as the non-electric pour-over devices. Have a browse around and look at what machines are out there that will suit your lifestyle and caffeine needs!

If you go for the coffee beans, it means you are able to experiment with different types of coffee making to form your perfect cup of joe – all within your own kitchen! It will be a completely different experience than going to your nearest Starbucks. If you are looking for something quick, easy and cheap then instant coffee is for you. However, if you are more concerned with quality and flavour then you might want to give coffee beans a go instead.




There are many great brands of coffee out there just waiting to be discovered by you. These are just a sample of the cheap coffee brands that don’t compromise on quality for an affordable price. There are many ways you can maintain your caffeine addiction whilst also living on a budget, and these are great combination of ground coffee, whole bean coffee and instant brand coffee to suit every caffeine drinker’s needs. Whatever coffee you decide to go for, making your own coffee at home will save you a lot of money in comparison to going out and buying them from coffee shops! And they are guaranteed to taste just as delicious.

Thank you for reading this review article on these different cheap brands of coffee that are out there. If you have any further questions on what sort of coffee you should try, check out the frequently asked questions down below, or just a leave comment.




What is the best cheap coffee?

It is widely accepted that instant coffee is far cheaper than coffee beans, and a lot quicker and easier to make! The 100% Arabica Columbian Medium-Dark Roast is a wonderfully cheap and tasty roast to purchase for someone with their own coffee machine at home. If not, the Seattle’s Best Coffee brand is a great cheap alternative, with a wide range of roasts and blends for you to try. The brands reviewed in this article will ensure that any drinker will not break the bank, as you can make each purchase in bulk and trust that the beans will stay fresh in their great packaging. The bag and can sizes suggested in this article will last you several weeks, meaning you will be able to keep up your caffeine fix without wasting money.


Should I purchase a coffee machine?

Like the brands of coffee discussed in this article, you can also find coffee-making machines for a wide range of prices. They allow you to brew your own perfect cup right from the comfort of your own home, and so many would argue they are worth the investment. When brewing your own coffee at home, you have complete control over how to make it – and, even though ground coffee beans are often a bit more expensive than instant coffee, making your caffeine fix from home will save you a bundle if you are prone to purchasing coffee from a shop every morning!

Simple and cheap units can cost under $20, but you can choose between espresso, cup or capsule machines, non-electric models and more. You need to consider what type of brew you want to make, how easy the coffee machine is to use, how big it is and what extra features it has which will allow you to personalise your cup even further.

Purchasing your own coffee maker will save you a lot of money in the long run, and you will make drinks that tastes just as good as ones from Starbucks.


What’s the big difference between instant coffee and ground coffee?

The coffee brands discussed within the article often do a range of both instant and ground coffee to suit the needs of every coffee drinker, all for a cheap price. However, there are clear differences between instant and ground that will make the coffee you purchase all a matter of personal preference.

Instant coffee is often a lot cheaper, quicker and easier to make yourself at home. After purchasing a bag of instant coffee, all you need is a scoop or two, hot water and then you add whichever preservatives you fancy to make it your own. Ground coffee can also be purchased in a bag, but you will need your own coffee maker at home. This sort of coffee tends to be the more expensive purchasing option. However, this method of coffee making allows you to be far more experimental within your own home. If taste is very important to you, then ground coffee might be the way forward. As this review article has mentioned, the process behind making instant coffee might cause it to lose some of its aromatic compounds. But, if you are more concerned with price, and you find yourself with less time in the morning, then instant coffee is for you.


What is the best tasting brand of coffee?

This, once again, is all about how you like your coffee. The Eight o’Clock Coffee is slightly pricier than perhaps other coffee brands listed, but its oldest recipe has been carefully cultivated to meet the caffeine needs of every coffee drinker. Also the Seattle’s Best Coffee has won the approval of many coffee drinkers in the US for its hints of caramel and citrus notes, as well as being smoky with a touch of cocoa.

As this review article has mentioned, if you value the best taste over the more inexpensive brand of coffee, then you might wish to consider the companies which offer whole bean coffee rather than the instant variations. This way, you are also able to experiment more to produce your own perfect cup of coffee.


What coffee is the least strongest?

Some would say that instant coffee is less strong than ground coffee due to the process which goes into making the instant coffee – some compounds, like aroma and caffeine and other tasting notes, are sometimes lost in order to make instant coffee. So if you are searching for a naturally weaker coffee you might want to consider some of the instant coffee brands.

You are also able to pick what kind of roast you want in most coffees – light, medium or dark. If you are new to coffee, this is a great chance to experiment.

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