Guidelines for Submission

If you are a blogger, publish your entries as you normally would and submit the link to the article through this submission form. The submission should be received by the host prior to 5:00pm eastern time, on the Sunday before the day the Carnival is scheduled to be published.

For an article to be accepted, it must meet these qualifications:

  • The article should reflect your point of view or opinion.
  • Positive stories are more enjoyable than negative stories or rants.
  • Only one submission per weblog will be accepted.
  • The entry should fall within the broad topic of personal finance.
  • Do not submit an article which has already appeared or will appear in any other Carnival.
  • The article should be recent, having been published within the last two weeks, but preferrably in the week leading up to the Carnival.
  • As a participant it is your reponsibility to link back to the published Carnival as soon as possible.

These types of articles are not accepted in the Carnival of Personal Finance:

  • Spam.
  • Business or affiliate promotions.
  • Financial product or service reviews.
  • Articles with heavy SEO.
  • Sponsored posts.

Each week’s host has the final say as to which submissions will be included. If your entry was not included, please don’t be offended; try again the following week. Articles about topics like marketing and business are generally not included in the Carnival. Also, if your blog seems to be implicitly or explicitly corporate-sponsored, the submission may not be accepted. Spam is right out, so don’t even try.

Once the Carnival is published, it will include links and descriptions to the articles submitted. The host may decide to highlight a few particularly interesting entries. Trackbacks will be sent to those blogs that can accept them, and submitters will link to the Carnival and trackback. The following week, the process would repeat, while the host blog rotates.

If your entry is included (which it most likely will be), link to the Carnival on your own blog in a new article to let your readers know that your submission has been highlighted.

About the Author

Flexo is the founder of Consumerism Commentary and the Carnival of Personal Finance.