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Carnival of Personal Finance #432

Erin of Red Debted Stepchild hosts this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance: Rainy Days, Wine, & Dorking Out.

Her Editor’s picks:

Narrow Bridge Finance: Great reasons to use credit cards

The Better Credit Blog: 5 simple techniques to optimize your credit score

Investor Junkie: Dividend Aristocrats list of 2013

Reach Financial Independence: Money is just money

On Better Terms: You get what you pay for

So Over This: Saving up for a down payment by yourself

Root of Good: Sabbatical mid-career break

Planting our Pennies: Extending the 5 year Consumer Product Lifecycle

Club Thrifty: Saying goodbye to my dream house

Thanks to Erin for hosting and all our contributers for participating in this week’s Carnival!


Carnival of Personal Finance #430 & 431

Pardon the hiccup we had last week, folks, there was a combination of things gone wrong and so we decided that a combination Carnival (2 weeks together, bonus!) would be the best way to get ourselves back on track.

Many thanks to saverspender for hosting this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance: The Double Edition for Dummies!

Be sure to visit for some of the top picks:

Canadian Personal Finance Blog’s The Infinite Income Fallacy
Prairie Eco-Thrifter’s The Deadly Sins of Personal Finance
FIJourney’s Create Your Own American Dream


Carnival of Personal Finance #429

Alice of AvantCredit’s On Better Terms has hosted our (US) holiday edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance: Thinking about Labor.

Her Editor’s Picks:

Money Hacker: “Buy American” campaign

Boomer & Echo (guest post): how he was able to retire wealthy

FI Journey: moving to a smaller house can be a financially and emotionally rewarding experience

Investor Junkie: Secret to Growing Money

Thanks to our participants and host for pulling this together! Tune in next week when Money, Life and More hosts!