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Carnival of Personal Finance #437

Thanks to Jana of Jana Says for hosting this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance: The Netflix Binge Watching Edition.

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Have a look around at all the other contributions, and be sure to link back to your favorites! Thanks to Jana and our bloggers, again, and we look forward to next week when My Personal Finance Journey takes the helm.


Carnival of Personal Finance #433, 434, & 436

Huge thanks to Kathleen of Frugal Portland for coming to the rescue and hosting the most Epic Edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance!

With two sets of Editor’s Picks, please enjoy the bounty of reading!

The Money Chat: Obamacare Explained: Don’t have insurance? Your Next Steps

My Dollar Plan: Is Shopping at a Dollar Store a Good Deal?

Boomer & Echo: 5 Challenges DIY Investors Face

I Pick Up Pennies: Doing what you love is overrated

Consumer Help Central: Why A Second Job May Not Solve Your Money Problems

Many thanks to all our contributors and to Kathleen for this Herculean effort!


Carnival of Personal Finance #435

Pauline from Reach Financial Independence created this edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance: on the road, again, so this comes to you from Spain!

Carnival of Personal Finance #435, on the road again edition

October 21, 2013 By 11 Comments

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Editor’s picks

Prairie Eco Thrifter: Luxuries Are Not Worth the Money

FI Pilgrim: FI 101: How To Become Financially Independent.

The Four Hour Work Day : Passion Will Get You to the Top

theFIREstarter: Internal Locus of Control

Many thanks to Pauline and all our contributors to the European Edition!