More Carnival Resources

Much has been written on being a good citizen at the Carnival, whether you’re the host or a participant. Take a look at some of these resources after reading the Guidelines for Participating and the Guidelines for Hosting.

Blueprint for Financial Prosperity: 25 Steps To A Wildly Successful Personal Finance Blog. Step 15: Participate in personal finance-related Carnivals such as, obviously, the Carnival of Personal Finance.

Five Cent Nickel: Five Questions (and Answers) About Blog Carnivals. This is the what, why and how or Carnivals.

Free Money Finance: How to Get Your Blog to 100,000 Visitors and Beyond, Step 13; Participate in Carnivals. “When Free Money Finance was a new blog, I got a substantial amount of traffic from blog carnivals.”

Blog Carnival Tips is a website dedicated to discussing ways to make Carnivals successful, for hosts, participants, and Carnival managers.

About the Author

Flexo is the founder of Consumerism Commentary and the Carnival of Personal Finance.