Linking Back to the Carnival is Required

Since the Carnival of Personal Finance was created on June 20, 2005, it has been a rule that all participants must link back to the Carnival if their article was included. With so many spam blogs being added to the internet every day, it’s important that we separate the signal from the noise to maintain the quality of the Carnival.

Participating in the Carnival is all about building buzz, and that only works when participants link back. The “link love” must work two ways. Therefore, we have begun creating a list of spam blogs and bloggers who habitually don’t link back to ensure that the only participants included in the Carnival are those who believe in this mission.

The sooner you link back, the better, but we have no problem with the Carnival being included in a weekly round-up as much as a week later. We have no problem if the link to the latest Carnival is an aside at the bottom of an unrelated post. As long as you link back to the Carnival each time your submission is included, we are happy.

About Flexo

Flexo is the founder of Consumerism Commentary and the Carnival of Personal Finance.