Important Note About Carnival #105

Next Monday’s edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance will be the Carnival’s second anniversary. Get Rich Slowly will be the host, and J.D. would like to make this edition a special experience. Here are his instructions for submitting an article this week:

Get Rich Slowly will host the second anniversary edition of the carnival next Monday. I want to make this one something especially valuable to readers, so I’m breaking from the traditional format.

To participate in CoPF #105, please submit your BEST article from the past two years. Do not submit an article from the previous week (unless, of course, it’s your best post). If you submit a recent article, I will reply to verify that you do indeed think this is your best post from the past two years.

Use this opportunity to sell yourself. If you uphold your end of the bargain, I’ll do my best to sell the carnival to channels outside the norm. (You’re welcome to help with this effort, too.) This is a great chance to generate more exposure for the pfblogging community.

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