I’m a Little Late, But Interesting Things From Edition #94

Last week, the Carnival was hosted by NCN at No Credit Needed. He took an interesting approach, and I think it was a little misunderstood and confusing, but the concept works.

NCN listed the accepted submissions in his first post on Monday, then continued to host the Carnival throughout the rest of the week. I think there was a little confusion as it wasn’t clear that this was the plan from the beginning, so he received a bit of negative feedback.

He then posted entire articles devoted to the categories of the Carnival, including credit and banking and financial accounts.

This was definitely a unique way to host the Carnival, and it meets all the requirements—it just took some time to work it out.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Each host strives to bring a unique slant to the Carnival, and I appreciate that. It’s creativity that keeps the Carnival going and not just a list of links… these guidelines and requirements set the host in the right direction, and anything above and beyond to make the event interesting is especially appreciated.

Here are some interesting articles:

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