If You Plan on Hosting, Please Follow the Rules

With a plethora of various topical financial carnivals, we are trying to keep the quality of the Carnival of Personal Finance as high as possible. There are several rules that were solidified at the end of 2006 that every host must follow. Everything is outlined on the Guidelines for Hosting page. Here are the requirements from that page:

  • During the week before, announce to your readers that you will be hosting, and solicit submissions using this form.
  • The Carnival must be posted by 9:00 am Eastern Time on the date assigned, usually a Monday.
  • The host must weed out any multiple submissions, commercial advertisements, spam, scams or inappropriate articles.
  • The host must email all selected participants to inform when the Carnival is live.
  • Within the Carnival, hosts must link to the Carnival home page at some point.
  • The host must highlight his or her favorite articles in some fashion, providing at least a little editorial comment.

    The Hosting Guidelines page also has some suggestions for making the Carnival a success in addition to these requirements.

About Flexo

Flexo is the founder of Consumerism Commentary and the Carnival of Personal Finance.