Guidelines for Hosting

We are currently accepting volunteers for hosting the Carnival of Personal Finance. Please familiarize yourself with these requirements before completing an application and for those selected, before beginning the effort of organizing submissions into a Carnival.

Qualifications to host

In order to be considered as a host for an edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance, the following conditions must be met:

  • The host must have participated in the Carnival of Personal Finance recently.
  • The host must consistently post at least three times a week on the blog being considered.
  • The host must not already be on the list to host a future edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance.

The following bullet points are suggestions which will speed along the process:

  • The host has successfully (and creatively) hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance or another financial Carnival in the past.
  • The host has been mentioned in mainstream press.
  • The blog has existed for at least a year.

The selection may not be “first-come, first-served” as exposure for participants is the primary goal of the Carnival.

Hosting requirements

After being selected to host a Carnival, please be aware of these requirements:

  • During the week before, announce to your readers that you will be hosting, and solicit submissions using this form.
  • The deadline for submissions is 6:00 pm Eastern Time on the day before the date assigned, usually a Sunday. All submissions that are received on time should be considered.
  • The Carnival must be posted by 9:00 am Eastern Time on the date assigned, usually a Monday.
  • The host must choose a creative theme for the Carnival. This is not just a list of links. Be creative. The more creative the form or metaphor, the easier it is to build traffic.
  • The host must weed out any multiple submissions, commercial advertisements, spam, scams or inappropriate articles.
  • The host must email all selected participants to inform when the Carnival is live.
  • The host must include a link to the Carnival home page towards the top of the Carnival edition.
  • The host must highlight five to ten of his or her favorite articles in some fashion, such as an “Editor’s Choice” section, providing at least a little editorial comment.
  • The host has the discretion to not include every submission. The approach should be one of inclusion, and hosting the Carnival of Personal Finance should be an opportunity for hosts to be a positive force in the community of bloggers. The host should not reject articles based solely on whether he or she agrees with the author of the submission.

These are strong suggestions for the host:

  • Email non-participating but friendly bloggers and press contacts to inform them when the Carnival is live.
  • Include the Carnival of Personal Finance badge on the website.
  • Have fun!

About the Author

Flexo is the founder of Consumerism Commentary and the Carnival of Personal Finance.