Do you treat time like money?

It’s said you can’t save time. We all get the same amount of time, precisely 24 hours in a day, and you either use it or lose it.

Basically, this is true. You make choices as your days and weeks wear on, and whether or not they prove out, the time allotted for you to dial will expire.

So what do you do with that time? Do you:

A) try to make the most of every single day, living in the moment?
B) try to cram as much work as you can into the “early” days, weeks, or months, towards a later payoff?
C) relax now, because there will be plenty of time later to do all the serious stuff of earning?

Does your approach to time and life mirror your approach to money and savings?

And if you’re an employee with the ability to earn and roll over vacation and sick time, would you save and hoard that “time” as well? Or do you prefer to use it up as you go?

I’m personally all kinds of a hoarder so I’m always uncomfortable with less than 100 hours of vacation time saved, even though I’ve never taken more than a few days off at a time before. There’s a sense that it’s safest to have at least two weeks of paid time off available just in case of emergency to supplement any sick leave in case of illness or family problems.

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