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Carnival of Personal Finance #428

Athena of According to Athena brings us this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance: VMAs Edition. Apparently there was a very good reason to watch for those nostalgic for the 90s among us!

As a hint,  Editor’s Pick- N’SYNC Featuring Justin Timberlake – AKA THE BEST EVER!!!

Gary from Gajizmo: Summer Jobs For Teachers

eemusings from NZ Muse: Do hostels really save you money?

Clint from Accumulating Money: Never Underestimate the Value of a Budget

Amanda from My Dollar Plan: 7 Frugal Ways to Enrich Your Travel Experience


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Carnival of Personal Finance #427

We have this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance: The Back to School Edition at Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance.

Nerd’s Eye View: Renaming The Outcomes Of A Monte Carlo Retirement Projection

The Chicago Financial Planner: Led Zeppelin and Your 401(k)

Squirrelers: The “Free” Movie Ticket That Was Not So Free

Grumpy Rumblings: Confession: Sometimes the checkbook doesn’t balance

Sweating the Big Stuff: Force Yourself To Save With A 100% Personal Tax

Many thanks to all our participants and our host for putting together a great carnival this week.


Carnival of Personal Finance #426

Pauline from Reach Financial Independence brings us the Carnival of Personal Finance: where did the summer go? Edition.

Her Editor’s Picks:

Hull Financial Planning reminded us that we rarely Get a Trophy in Life and can’t expect a reward if we don’t work hard for it.

Nerd’s Eye View calculated the benefit of starting saving young.

My Journey To Millions wondered if a parent can Choose his Child’s Degree or Major.

Eyes on the Dollar offered tips on Finding a Job in a Tough Market.

Evolving Personal Finance checked out her neighbors’ Inexpensive Houses and Expensive Cars.

A big thanks to all our contributors and our intrepid host for presenting this round of the Carnival!