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Schedule for April Through June 2007

Thanks to everyone who volunteered to host the Carnival of Personal Finance! We had many more applications than there were open slots, as some bloggers signed up last year before we started scheduling only three months at a time. Those who were interested but not selected will be considered alternates in case anyone backs out. We’ll start looking for hosts for July through September in early June.

Mon., Apr. 2, 2007No Credit Needed#94
Mon., Apr. 9, 2007Accumulating Money#95
Mon., Apr. 16, 2007AllFinancialMatters#96
Mon., Apr. 23, 2007Endless Gibberish#97
Mon., Apr. 30, 2007We’re In Debt#98
Mon., May 7, 2007Money, Matter, and More Musings#99
Mon., May 14, 2007My Open Wallet#100
Mon., May 21, 2007FIREFinance#101
Mon., May 28, 2007Money Smart Life#102
Mon., Jun. 4, 2007Clever Dude#103
Mon., Jun. 11, 2007Getting Green#104
Mon., Jun. 18, 2007Get Rich Slowly#105 (2nd anniv.)
Mon., Jun. 25, 2007The Digerati Life#106

Now Taking Requests for Future Hosts

The Carnival of Personal Finance is now taking requests for hosts in the second quarter (April, May and June) of 2007. Hosting the Carnival of Personal Finance is a great way to build traffic, be involved with the community, and showcase your creativity.

Before you take the plunge and request to host, make sure you read and understand the requirements of hosting. Please realize that hosting the Carnival can be a lot of work. There are often between 50 and 80 submissions that must be read. The host must at the least choose several as “Editor’s Choice” and provide quick commentary or summaries.

Please apply for hosting here.


Soon Accepting New Hosts

Very shortly, we will begin accepting applications for hosting the Carnival of Personal Finance for April through June. Watch this space for information on submitting your application.