Carnival of Personal Finance #353

Marissa of Thirty Six Months hosts this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance: Ted Talks Edition.

Her Editor’s Picks:

Yes, I Am Cheap: Where Can You Get A Loan in Tough Times?

Financial Uproar: Dammit People, Enough With The Hard-on About Vacations

Narrow Bridge Finance: Eight Cheap Date Ideas That Don’t Break The Bank

Watson Inc: Is it Better To Be Frugal or Earn More?

DollarVersity: Stop With The Evil Credit Card Crap Already

Youngandthrifty: My Experience with Home Insurance

Squirrelers: Successfully Contesting a Vehicle Citation or Traffic Ticket

My Journey to Millions: Do You Know Your Monthly Nut?

Tie the Money Knot: 7 Tips on Disclosing Finances Before Marriage

I Am 1 Percent: You Are Already The 1 Percent

Next week, NerdWallet will be taking on hosting duties so be sure to submit your best posts for consideration!

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