Carnival of Personal Finance #351

Girls Just Wanna Have Funds hosts this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance: The Women’s Personal Finance Edition.  Ginger is one of many women participating in the Women’s Money Week event that kicks off March 5th.

Editor’s Picks:

Grumpy Rumblings of the UntenuredThoughts on spouses and careers

Free From BrokeMarginal Tax Rate VS Effective Tax Rate – What are They and How do They Affect You?

Don’t Quit Your Day Job… President Obama Is a Bigger Tax Cutter Than George Bush

PT Money Personal FinanceShould I Consolidate My Student Loans?

Shared Financial SuccessHot to be rich

Christian Personal FinanceHow to use FreeCycle to Save Money And Reduce Clutter

Musings of an Abstract AucklanderTom and Lynette, you’re breaking my heart

Bible Money MattersWould You Invest a Portion of Your Emergency Fund

Boomer & EchoFinances From A To Z

Free Money FinanceChange the way you think

Grand Per MonthShould You Incorporate Your Side Income Stream

Sense to SaveHow to choose retirement investments for your portfolio

My Dollar PlanNew Pension Plans and Changes to Current Retirement Plans

Financial Highway: How to Improve Credit Score

WeakonomicsThe Math Behind Oil’s Hold On The Economy

Next week, Sense to Save will be hosting so be sure to submit your very best posts for consideration!


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