Carnival of Personal Finance #300

Happy International Pi Day! Celebrate with the Adam at Magical Penny and 300th Edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance.

His Editor’s Picks:

The Simple DollarPutting Food on the Table When You Can’t Make Ends Meet

Well Heeled BlogThe Traps of Mental Accounting: Why We Treat Money From Different Sources Differently

Gen Y WealthAre You Making These 2 Common Financial Mistakes? (Because I Am)

Budgets are SexyThe J-True Hollywood Story: Owed $20,000 in 401(k)

Hope to ProsperFreedom’s Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose

Your happy reward for reading through all the great picks of the Carnival? Well, you should hop on over and find out, Adam’s included a little treat for you at the end.

Don’t forget to submit your best post to next week’s carnival hosted by Fiscal Fizzle!


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