Carnival of Personal Finance #246

Dan Ray of Taking Charge presents the 246th Edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance on the first day of March, a month for … everything, it seems!  ”...International Ideas Month. It’s National Clean Up Your IRS Act Month. It’s International Mirth Month, too. International Expect Success Month is in March, as well. And don’t forget, March is also Spiritual Awareness Month. Finally, cheer up, because it’s also Optimism Month.”

Dan’s Editor’s Picks were:

Personal Finance Ninja: Automation: Why You Don’t Have to Feel Bad About Spending Ever Again
CashMoneyLife: Writing a Financial Mission Statement
Amateur Asset Allocator: Do Credit Cards Increase Your Spending?
Bargaineering: How to Dispute a Credit Card Charge
Provident Planning: Raising a Cow for Beef: Month 6
You Have More Than You Think: 12 Personal Finance Bloggers Answer – New or Used Car?

Your next host is Mary of Simply Forties; please be sure to submit your best articles by Sunday, 5 pm EST!

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