Announcing the Plutus Awards

Starting on Monday, December 21, 2009, nominations will begin for the first annual Plutus Awards.

These awards come in two flavors: Plutus and Plutus 2.0 awards.

The Plutus Awards feature the following categories:

* Best Savings/Money Market Account

  • Best Checking/Transaction Account
  • Best Banking Website
  • Best Overall Bank
  • Best Discount Brokerage
  • Best Credit Card
  • Best Personal Finance Management Software
  • Best Budgeting Software
  • Best Tax Filing Software
  • Best Peer-to-Peer/Social/Micro Lending Service
  • Best Mobile Personal Finance Application
  • Best Personal Finance Book of 2009
  • Have a suggestion? Contact Flexo.

The Plutus 2.0 Awards feature the following categories:

* Best New Personal Finance Blog

  • Best New Personal Finance e-Book
  • Best Economics Blog
  • Best Investing Blog
  • Best Real Estate Blog
  • Best Debt Blog
  • Best Tax Blog
  • Best Frugality Blog
  • Best Religious Finance Blog
  • Best Non-Collaborative General Personal Finance Blog
  • Best Collaborative Personal Finance Blog
  • Best Canadian Personal Finance Blog
  • Best International Personal Finance Blog
  • Best Personal Finance Podcast
  • Best Multi-Part Series
  • Best Microblog
  • Have a suggestion? Contact Flexo.

The winner of each Plutus 2.0 Awards category will receive $20.09 to celebrate the year 2009 – but additional sponsors are welcome to come forward and provide an additional award in any category.

Your participation is eagerly anticipated!

About Revanche

Revanche writes the personal finance blog A Gai Shan Life.